What does the future hold?

The medical experts don’t know. Elected officials don’t know. The financial wizards don’t know. There are two types of stories being published about Warren Buffett’s annual shareholders meeting. One type is headlined “Buffett remains optimistic about future despite coronavirus.” The other, from the BBC and various travel blogs, is headlined “Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Sells All Airline Stocks.”

So what does the future hold? Uncertainty. And a world that has changed, permanently.

Mr. Buffett admitted to making an “understandable mistake” in his purchase of airline stocks. But it appears that he has not sold his stake in BNSF Railway, Does this mean that there is a chance for a less car- and airplane-dependent transportation future? One that’s more sustainable and less polluting? France and Germany seem to think so.

Washington state is one of many places that was rethinking its transportation system, even before the advent of COVID-19. We now have an unprecedented opportunity to rebuild our transportation network with more trains, more transit, more bikes, fewer cars, and fewer airplanes. Tell your elected representatives — that’s what we need!

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