Toronto-Havelock, Ontario train service moves forward

Passenger rail plans on track: MP

Peterborough MP Dean Del Mastro says plans to run a new passenger train from Havelock to Toronto are still on track.

Del Mastro told Peterborough County council Wednesday that an important engineering study is done and will be delivered soon to both the federal and provincial governments.

He also said a new study predicts about 2,500 riders daily on the Shining Water Railway lines.

That’s about three times the number of riders projected in an earlier study, completed by the provincial transportation agency Metrolinx.

“That would make it Via Rail’s highest density line,” Del Mastro said.

The train won’t cost taxpayers any money, he also said….

A few years ago, Del Mastro had announced the train would start running July 1, 2014.

But the plans didn’t come together on time, and on Wednesday he said it’ll be “a couple of years” before the first train pulls out of Havelock.

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