Please vote. Yes, it does matter.

Passenger rail isn’t a major campaign issue in most places. But decisions about its future are increasingly being made by elected officials on city councils and state legislatures, as well as in Congress.

If your local candidates don’t talk about rail in their political platforms, ask yourself:

  • Will this candidate listen to me when I ask them to support rail in the future, even if I don’t come in with a pile of money?
  • Who will they hire in their office? Staffers who take the bus, or who fly first class?
  • Who are their major donors? Organizations I agree with, or companies that don’t care about the future of our planet?
  • Are they more interested in gerrymandering safe seats for their political party than ensuring that I and my neighbors are honestly represented?
  • Do they care about people like me, and about the people in my town (including folks who don’t belong to the country club)?

So yes, who you vote for does matter. Please vote, and vote wisely.