Dedicated volunteers keep Olympia/Lacey, WA station open

Centennial Train Station Volunteers Go Above and Beyond

Since its opening in May 1993, the Centennial Train Station, servicing Olympia and the greater Thurston County area, has operated entirely through the efforts of volunteers. And these volunteers are far from ordinary – they are some of the most dedicated, caring, happy individuals I have ever met.

As a writer from a popular travel website put it, “No one travelling by Amtrak arrives in Olympia to a closed station.” Even in the dead of the night, a devoted volunteer or two will often rise from his slumbers to open the station for a late train.

What’s more, these volunteers know they’re special. “We believe that this station provides some of the best service, if not the best service, in the U.S.” said Wally Fisher, one of the nine original volunteers who is still servicing the station over 21 years later. Talk about low turnover.

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