All Aboard Ohio announces campaign for more rail services

Association begins Cincinnati-Chicago passenger rail campaign

All Aboard Ohio…commenced a campaign to educate stakeholders on the benefits of improving rail infrastructure and passenger rail services between Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Lafayette and Chicago with proposed Ohio stops at Cincinnati Union Terminal, I-275 park-n-ride, Hamilton and Oxford….
Some parts of Ohio aren’t being left out. Development projects are emerging for new passenger rail service between Columbus-Lima-Fort Wayne-Chicago and faster, improved rail services linking Cleveland-Toledo-Chicago….

All Aboard Ohio’s long-term goal is to achieve 4-8 daily trains in each direction between Chicago and Cincinnati cruising at 110 mph speeds and offering a travel time of four hours from downtown Cincinnati and downtown Chicago. This is competitive with air travel, especially when a suburban park-n-ride station is offered in the vicinity of I-275. Since a long journey starts with a first step, All Aboard Ohio believes the following should be first step for Cincinnati-Chicago:

  • Extend the existing Chicago-Indianapolis “Hoosier State” train service to Cincinnati to provide daytime service over this route with Ohio station stops at Cincinnati Union Terminal, I-275 park-n-ride, Hamilton and Oxford;
  • Increase from thrice-weekly to daily the Amtrak “Cardinal” (Chicago-Cincinnati-Washington-New York City) to improve its operating performance by 31%;
  • Reduce passenger travel times between Cincinnati and Chicago by up to 2 hours, including enhanced grade crossing safety between Hamilton-Indianapolis.
  • Make rail traffic capacity improvements in Cincinnati’s Mill Creek valley to improve traffic flow for more than 100 freight trains or 30,000 truckload equivalents per day.